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Biochemical laboratory

Provides all kinds of research for diagnostics of metabolic abnormalities on the analyzer "VITROS DT 60" by "Johnson&Johnson".

Followings are detected in blood:

  1. Total protein
  2. Albumin
  3. Glucose
  4. Bilirubin (with fractions)
  5. Amino-transferaz (АLТ, АSТ)
  6. Sublimate and thymol test
  7. Creatinine
  8. Urea
  9. Residual nitrogen
  10. Electrolytes (sodium, potassium)
  11. Ionized calcium
  12. Magnesium
  13. Inorganic phosphorus
  14. Urin acid
  15. Alkaline acid
  16. Cholesterol
  17. LHD (Lipoproteins of high density)
  18. LLD (Lipoproteins of low density)
  19. Triglycerides
  20. C-reactive protein.

              Կենսաքիմիական լաբորատորիա Կենսաքիմիական լաբորատորիա

Laboratory also performs the following coagulation tests on "DIACHECK" analyzer by "Dialab":

  1. Prothrombin time
  2. INR
  3. Thrombin time
  4. Fibrinogen
  5. Antithrombin -3
  6. Active partial thrombin time
  7. D-dimer
  8. Factors of an external and internal way of dotting.

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