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Clinical laboratory

The blood sampling for various analyses is carried out by atraumatic system of vacuum test tubes.

The clinical laboratory provides a traditional set of analyses.

Laboratory has hematologic analyzer Sysmex-KX-21N which uses 20 mkl of capillary blood. The device gives out, for approximately 2-3 minutes, 19 preparations and 3 histograms, for differentiation of various pathological blood conditions for leukocytes, erythrocyte and thrombocytes.

  1. The blood general analysis with developed differential blood count (DBA)
  2. Differentiation of leukemia reactions in DBA with leukemia
  3. Diagnostics of inflectional mononucleosis
  4. All qualitative, quantitative and functional tests of urine research
  5. Sperm ejaculate examination
  6. Carrying out of test for compatibility of cervical mucus with ejaculate both in vitro and in vivo
  7. Examination of vaginal smear of sexually transmitted infections (STI)
  8. Examination of thick drop of blood on the presence of malarial parasites
  9. Examination of various biomaterials on the presence of bacteria of Kokh at tuberculosis
  10. Examination of transudate and exudate


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