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                       Հետծննդյան բաժանմունք

One of the main principles of work at Postnatal Department is individual and special treatment of each patient that takes into account individual needs, and professional and respectful attitude. After the delivery, women stay with their children in single, double, or triple patient suites. All of the suites have bathrooms (with hot and cold water) and are equipped with baby baths, baby beds, changing tables, buttons for nurse call, refrigerators, electric kettles, and TVs. Nutrition for the patients is provided taking into account the specifics of the diet suggested for breastfeeding mothers.

Upon request, a patient may choose an upgraded suite ("deluxe suite"), which combines a high level of comfort, home-like environment, full-time presence of relatives, and three meals of individual choice per day. Generally, visits of relatives are permitted between 12:00 and 20:00.

Obstetrician-gynecologists perform daily examinations, during which patients can discuss any issues related to after delivery hygiene, lactations, food, contraception etc. If necessary, patients are offered psychological assistance.


Neonatologists examine the newborns daily in the suites in the presence of the mothers. Nurses teach the new mothers skills necessary for newborns’ care and help with breastfeeding. A great attention during the postnatal period is given to the encouragement and support of breastfeeding. During insufficient lactation an effective method of treatment of hypogalaxy - acupuncture is performed.

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